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4 Must-have travel vaccinations for southeast Asia

Top recommended vaccinations for southeast-asia

When it comes to vaccination and immunization for traveling Southeast-Asia, there is a neverending debate. Most travelers get confused by all those contradictory recommendations on what is really needed in Southeast-Asia. In this article, we recommend 4 basic shots (incl. prices and doses), that will secure healthy travels and may save your life.

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Do's and Don'ts in Thailand

backbacking thailand- do's and don'ts in thailand

Thailand is an exotic destination far off and has completely different unwritten rules of etiquette compared to western countries. This list helps you not to offend or violate cultural conventions. Moreover, it will get you the respect of locals and even prevent you from beeing imprisoned. In this article, we also share hacks that will save you money, time and tell you how to keep the good vibes, even if a gang of intrusive tuk-tuk drivers chases you down. 

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Packing List for Southeast-Asia

What to pack for thailand

This is not that kind of a conventional packing list which tells you how many t-shirts or shorts you probably need for traveling Southeast-Asia, but rather a list of all those things that are not so obvious when packing for your trip. This list is about 10 things we forgot to pack and missed the most while longterm traveling through large parts of Southeast-Asia. 

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